2019 Long-Range World’s


U.S. shooters again proved they are the best in the world shooting long-range muzzle loading target rifles at the 12th MLAIC World Championships in Bisley, England August 24-31, 2019. The U.S. brought home the gold, winning the overall grand aggregate for mid-range (300, 500, 600) and long-range (900, 1,000 yards). It wasn’t easy. There were 11 countries (Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. There were 69 individual competitors striving for the grand prize. We didn’t win every match, but we won enough to come out on top again. Below is a summary of how our guys did in the original and replica categories, as well as team results for each yardage.


300 Yds Original – 5th, Kenn Heismann
300 Yds Replica – Gold, Dave Gullo
300 Yds Team – Bronze, USA; Gold Germany; Silver, Norway

500 Yds Original – 4th, Dave Munch
500 Yds Replica – 8th, Ray Hanson
500 Yds Team – Gold, USA; Silver, UK; Bronze, South Africa

600 Yds Original – Bronze, Dave Munch; 4th, Kenn Heismann
600 Yds Replica – Gold, Dave Gullo; Silver, Lee Shaver; 6th, Ray Hanson
600 Yds Team – Gold, USA; Silver, Germany; Bronze, South Africa

Mid-range Aggregate Original Individual
5th, Dave Munch; 6th, Kenn Heismann

Dave Munch adjusts his rifle’s cheek piece.

Mid-range Aggregate Replica Individual
Gold, Dave Gullo; 4th, Ray Hanson; 5th, Lee Shaver

Mid-range Aggregate Team
Gold, USA; Silver, Germany; Bronze, South Africa

900 Yds Original – Silver, Dave Munch; 7th, Kenn Heismann
900 Yds Replica – Silver, Dave Gullo
900 Yds Team – Gold, USA; Silver, South Africa; Bronze, France
1000 Yds Original – 8th, Kenn Heismann; 10th, Dave Munch
1000 Yds Replica – 4th, Dave Gullo; 7th, Lee Shaver; 9th, Ray Hanson
1000 Yds Team – Gold, South Africa; Silver, USA; Bronze Norway

Long-Range Team: L to R, Ed Decker, Ray Hopkins, Dave Gullo, Lee Shaver

Long Range Aggregate Original Individual – 6th, Dave Munch
Long Range Aggregate Replica Individual – Gold, Dave Gullo
Grand Aggregate Original Individual – 5th, Dave Munch

Grand Aggregate Replica Individual – Gold, Dave Gullo; 5th, Lee Shaver; 6th, Ray Hanson

Dave Gullo on the line.

Grand Aggregate Team
Gold USA, Silver South Africa, Bronze, Germany

Highest V-Bull Count
Mark Sobierajski, Australia

I was proud of our squad of seven, seeing them go to the podium many times receiving their medals and hearing our national anthem played. Every member of our squad won something. In the past, a few countries dominated this sport, but no longer. Any one of the 11 countries can come knocking at your door. Often only a few points separate the winner from second and third place. It’s good to see other countries climbing the ladder and getting better. It keeps us on our toes and nothing makes you better than good, tough competition.

During the Awards Ceremony, competitors stand to receive their award while the National Anthem of he winning individual or team is played. The U.S. Team stands at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.

We hope to bring in more good shooters to our ranks to give us more strength and depth. The US shooters have set the bar.

You can look at the scores and see how we did, but I want to pay attention to a few individuals who deserve special recognition. Dave Gullo won Gold for Individual Overall Grand Aggregate, plus several first place medals at individual yardages. Mark Sobierajski of Australia set a new world record at 500 yards, shooting a 48.5 of a possible 50. John Whittaker of the United Kingdom took Gold in the Grand Aggregate Original category, one point from a tie of the standing world record. Laurie Kerr of New Zealand was second in the Individual Grand Aggregate Replica, just behind Dave Gullo.  Laurie shoots the recumbent position (on his back) because of a severe shoulder injury a few years ago. Not only that, but he shoots a .40 calibre rifle for less recoil.

Recumbent 2019 worlds
Kiwi Laurie Kerr

Anyone who would like to get involved in this great sport won’t be disappointed. Making friends and acquaintances from all over the world is a plus, and wives enjoy the chance to travel. This event is proof that our sport is alive and well, and we all need to be thankful and support it in any way we can.

 In 2021, Hungary will be the host for the next Long-Range World Championship.

Final Overall Results 2019 MLAIC World Long Range Match

Photo Gallery of 2019 Long Range Match