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Blackpowder Cartridge e-News Magazine

Bullseye Pistol Online Encyclopedia  Not muzzle loading, but a lot of shooting information that is generic in nature. Lots of useful links including online copies of the manuals put out by the military shooting teams. – A collection of blogs, videos and a website on various black powder topics. Note: There are is a series of videos that offer a visual impression of a MLAIC World Championship.

Jim Chambers Flintlocks – For over forty years, Jim Chambers has designed and produced some of the world’s finest rifles. His work has been featured in numerous magazine articles and the Foxfire V book. He offers barrels for kits from three of the best barrel makers in the industry: Rice Barrel Co., Long Hammock Barrels, and W. E. Rayl, Inc.

Lyman Products – Source for molds, information about casting, publications of interest.

Muzzle Blasts Online – Monthly publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Shooting Glory
– Pilkington Competition is one of the bigger vendors of top-quality target pistols. The Hitchhikers’ Guide has a lot of useful mental tips. Highly recommended for top-level shooters.

The Single Shot Exchange – Excellent articles on long range shooting and other topics of interest.

The Underhammer Society – Collection of articles on underhammer firearms.

Vendors and Supporters

Accurate Molds – CNC lathe bored bullet molds in aluminum, brass, and iron. Extensive catalog of existing designs, or submit a custom design.

Buffalo Arms – Excellent resource for the broadest range of muzzle loading and black powder cartridge supplies. Dave Gullo is the proprietor and a world class champion and competitor.

Davide Pedersoli & Co.  – Team sponsor and manufacturer of high quality reproduction firearms. Among the most popular of which are the 1858 Remington Pattern Target and Custom revolvers and the Gibbs rifle for MLAIC competition.

Goex – Readily available and most popular brand of black powder.

Lodgewood Manufacturing –  A full service antique gun shop that offers investment-grade original guns, custom-built reproduction guns, gunsmithing services, and the largest collection of original 19th Century military firearm parts in the country.

Swiss Blackpowder – The premier black powder for competition shooting. Swiss powder is the brand distributed at international matches. Relatively hard to find at retail in the U.S. and more expensive that other more widely available powders. Swiss is the most consistent lot-to-lot, most energetic per unit of measure, and cleanest burning powder available.