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Partial list of upcoming matches in the East for Long Range Target Shooting

Ray Hopkins and Dave Munch have compiled a list of black powder matches for 2020 in the Eastern US. Dave Munch is still trying to work out a day for the Richard Hoff Memorial Match at the Miami Rifle Club in Cincinnati.

March 27th to 28th   Oak Ridge, TN Cancelled

May 2nd and 3rd, Milan, IL (Mid-Range)

May 15th to 17th, Harris, MN

May 23rd and 24th Cadillac, MI (Mid-Range)

June 13th and 14th, Atterbury, IN (NMLRA)

June 13th-21st Friendship, IN, Spring National Shoot, NMLRA Mid-Range, Shotgun and International pistol events.

August 1st and 2nd Cadillac, MI (Mid-Range)

August 7th and 8th, Reade, PA

August 9th thru August 15th, USIMLT Can-Am Zone, Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, Manassas, VA, Not open to public.

August 14th to 16th, Harris, MN

August 21st to 23rd, Canadian Nationals

August 21st to 23rd, DCRA Black Powder National Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON

September 12th and 13th, Atterbury, IN (NMLRA)

October 3rd and 4th, Cadillac, MI (Mid-Range)  

October 10th and 11th, Atterbury, IN 1200 yard (Still waiting on confirmation)